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We at Brightside Innovations are proud of ZUMY, our user-friendly product that can make a positive difference in the lives of executives, administrators, managers and students—among others. We welcome customers’ purchases and their subsequent feedback on how this innovative product has made a difference in their business or career.

Crowdfunded Favorite

Light years ahead of the competition, ZUMY is your best friend for video meetings. This portable light with four different levels softens and brightens your face, enhancing your appearance, and in turn, your professional image. Designed by Mighty Studios, an innovative Silicon Valley-based product consulting firm, ZUMY was launched in record time by Indiegogo crowd funding in 2020 during the pandemic. Two rounds of funding from thousands of enthusiastic backers show the high level of confidence consumers place in this state-of-the-art product, its parent company, Brightside Innovations, and dedicated, creative Founder & CEO Mike Drez.

Improving Human Connection

Like a Softbox that fits in your pocket, ZUMY uses multiple layers of diffusion and light separation. This simple and easy-to-use accessory allows you to mount Zumy easily to any desktop monitor. The design allows you to quickly move from laptop on-the-go mode to office desktop mode. No longer tethered to your lamp or ring light, ZUMY allows you to roam around the house and still experience professional lighting to look your business best. Zoom better anywhere!

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