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Video Conference Lighting

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ZUMY is a little portable light designed for video conferencing meetings. Simply clip it to your laptop and plug it into the computer's USB port! It easily and quickly improves your appearance and effectiveness in video meetings.

Additional information

✦ Maximum of 500 lux of illumination

✦ 4 lighting levels

✦ Powered by Standard USB A or USB-C

✦ Unique accordion design with tilt adjustment

✦ Removes shadows and provides soft, even lighting.

✦ An additional port for connecting another USB-powered device

✦ Easy to set up and takedown

✦ Clips in place and collapses for easy portability

✦ 1-year limited warranty from date of purchase


Product name
ZUMY Video Conference Lighting




Product weight
0.5 lb

Product dimensions
1.5 in [ L ] x 6 in [ W ] x 8.5 in [ H ]

What's in the box?

[ 1 ] ZUMY Video Conference Lighting

[ 1 ] Desktop Monitor Mount

[ 1 ] USB-C Adapter

[ 1 ] 1.5 Meter Power Cable & USB-A Port

Expansion technology

Just like a professional's Softbox, the light source is separated from the diffusion layer to create the soft light.

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